The State of Our Military

I encourage you to attend The Chamber’s Inaugural State of the Military luncheon on August 6 featuring the top officials from the North Dakota and Minnesota National Guard. Join us for lunch and leave armed with the information you need to know about the changes and challenges facing our Armed Forces and what your business should know about when our veterans come home.

Following a decade of wars, conflicts abroad and record setting natural disasters on both sides of the Red River, the men and women of our armed forces have nobly answered the call to serve. The business of homeland security has been in a perpetual state of restructuring and reprioritizing which ultimately may mean changes locally.

Not unlike the business community, the military community is called to do their job with fewer resources. The proposed Department of Defense budget calls for over $1 trillion in cuts over 10 years, with the largest proportion of reductions coming from the National Guard. With an annual economic impact to our region exceeding $70 Million and the most reliable arsenal to assist domestically during times of floods, blizzards and tornadoes, it is critically important our leaders have the assets to support properly trained and equipped units.

With more service members returning from deployments, the opportunity to utilize their talents in our workforce is prevalent and appropriate. They have highly developed, tested and proven skill sets that are applicable in today’s rapidly changing economy; however, in a recent survey of young veterans, nearly 40% noted their #1 concern upon returning was employment – not finances, not family, employment.

Now is the time for the business community to assess and understand the state of our military. I encourage you to reserve a table, bring your colleagues and attend this first-of-its kind event with The Chamber.

Craig Whitney, President/CEO, The Chamber